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Best Sanfernancine Short Film Award!

October 19, 2019

'Toi aussi ça te chatouille' awarded with the special Sanfernancine prize for Best Short Film at Sanfernancine Film Festival 2019.

Best Documentary award for 'Detrás de los hilos'!

October 10, 2019

'Detrás de los hilos' awarded at FECISO

September 29, 2019

'Detrás de los hilos' won 2nd Best Documentary Award at Festival Internacional de Cine Social de Castilla La Mancha - FECISO.

DETRÁS DE LOS HILOS wins Award oF Excellence!

July 31, 2019

Detrás de los hilos wins an Award of Excellence at the Impact DOCS Awards (La Jolla - CA, USA)

Award for 'Toi aussi ça te chatouille?'

July 13th 2019

Toi aussi ça te chatouille? awarded Best short film directed by a woman at the Film Festival L'Alfas del Pi 2019.

Best Documentary Award for 'Detrás de los hilos'

May 15th, 2019

The International Film Festival Best Global Shorts of Chennai, India, has given Detrás de los hilos the Best Documentary Award for it's 2019 Edition!

Local Premiere of Lucia's last short film made in Luxembourg!

23rd February 2019

Lucia's last short film 'Toi aussi ça te chatouille?' is selected for it's local premiere at the Luxembourg City Film Festival 2019. The screening will be at the Short Film Night on the 11th March 2019 with a selection of 12 shorts made in/with Luxembourg at Kinepolis Luxembourg (Kirchberg).

Directed by Women Spain 2018

15th Sept. 2018

Lucía Valverde participates in the debate 'Nuevas tendencias del guion audiovisual' (New tendencies of the audiovisual screenplay) with the screenplay writers Sonia Pastor, Anna R. Costa and Olatz Arroyo during the IV Directed by Women Spain in Cineteca, Madrid.

Lucía Valverde talks about Women in the Cuban Cinema

1st June, 2018

Lucía Valverde was invited to participate in the talk about Women in Cuban Cinema in the Cicle 'Mirando a Cuba' (Looking at Cuba) organized by Fundación SGAE in Madrid.

She was invited to bring her point of view as a Spanish Filmmaker that has shot in Cuba, with her documentary Las Mujeres detrás de los Hilos (The Women behind the Threads).

Shooting new short film in Luxembourg!

21st April, 2018

Today is the first shooting day of ALBA - Toi aussi ça te chatouille? Third short film written and directed by Lucía Valverde, produced by Red Lion with the support of Film Fund Luxembourg.

Directed by Women is back for a IV Edition in Cineteca Madrid

19th March 2018

El Salto Diario makes an exclusive reportage on the presentation of the IV Edition of the Festival Directed by Women Spain, happening in Spain in September 2018. Cineteca Madrid will be for a third year in a row the central venue of the celebration.

Film Fund Luxembourg supports new short film by Lucía Valverde

November 16, 2017

The Film Fund Luxembourg supports the last short film written and directed by Lucía Valverde 'Do you also feel a tingle?', produced by Red Lion. The short film screenplay was awarded with the 1st Prize of the Jury

Filmreakter & Oeuvre Grande Duchesse Charlotte Screenplay Contest in July 2017.

III Directed by Women Spain Celebration in EL

Septemeber 12, 2017

Directed by Women Spain celebration is back for a 3rd edition and the national Spanish newspaper covers it in EL PAIS

First Prize for the screenplay 'Do you also feel a Tingle?/¿Tú también tienes cosquillas?'

July 13, 2017

Lucía Valverde is the winner of the Filmreakter Short Screenplay Contest 2017 in collaboration with l’Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grand-Duchesse Charlotte. The prize is endowed with 6000.- Euros for the production of the Short Film - News in L'essentiel newspaper, p.6.

The Heat Wave is the top 1 & finalist in the FIBABC!

April 24, 2017

The Heat Wave is one of the 12 finalists of the Online Short Film Festival FIBABC after being top 1 during two months - now with more than 165.000 visits and 125.00 views, it's the most seen short film of the whole history of the FIBABC!
We are also delighted because our main actors Laure Roldan and Luc Spada are nominated in the categories of best actress and best actor, congratulations!!

Lucía Valverde is part of the website Historia de Nuevos Realizadores

April 2017

Lucía Valverde and her first short film 'Papá te quiere mucho' are part of the website Historia de Nuevos Realizadores, next to first films of the most important filmmakers in Spain.

The Heat Wave is the TOP 1 in the FIBABC Online Short Film Festival

April 19, 2017

'The Heat Wave' is the TOP 1 short film of the Online Short Film Festival FIBABC by the ABC.ES national newspaper.

'The Heat Wave' has more then 55.00 visits in the FIBABC Short Film Festival!

March 22, 2017

The Women's Audiovisual Association of Spain CIMA publishes an article on how 'The Heat Wave' has more then 55.000 visits in the Online Short Film Festival FIBABC.

'The Heat Wave' is the first of the ten best short films Directed by Women in

March 8, 2017

'The Heat Wave' is news in the ABC.ES Cinema Section as the first of the 10 best short films Directed by Women in the FIBABC Short Film Festival.

After two weeks of online competition, it has already almost 25.000 views! 
Special report for the International Women's Day - 8M - 

Interview on 'The Heat Wave' by YAQ Distribution Company

January 2017

YAQ Distribution Company interviewed Lucía Valverde on her short film The Heat Wave before staring its distribution. After one year and a half it's had 40 International Selections and 3 prizes.

October 16, 2016

Review of 'The Heat Wave' by Tomás Marín in his cultural blog 'La Cantárida' written after the screening of the short film in the Film Festival of Madrid - PNR in the great cinema venue CINETECA in Matadero.

Interview by Directed by Women International Celebration

September 18, 2016

The #DirectedbyWomen events unfolding in Spain are invigorating. We had a chance to converse with Lucía Valverde & Rebeca Sánchez López two members of the amazing team of filmmakers organizing the #DirectedbyWomenSpain Film Viewing Parties in Madrid and Barcelona.

Please take a moment to read what they have to share, explore the programs they’re creating this month, then start thinking about how you want to engage in next year’s #DirectedbyWomen Worldwide Film Viewing Party. Let’s keep weaving connections as we build a deep culture of appreciation within the global film community!


'Papá te quiere mucho' in La Ventana - Cadena SER

April 28, 2016

'Papá te quiere mucho', Lucía Valverde's first short film, is screened at the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid tonight. The famous 'La Ventana' program of Cadena SER talks about it.

A perfect day in Madrid by Lucía Valverde

February 2016

Article appeared in the Luxemburger Wort 'Lifestyle Ressort' -

CinéWomen Cahiers and 'Papá te quiere mucho'

January 12, 2016

The first CinéWomen Cahiers of 2016 brings a profound interview to Lucía Valverde about her short film 'Papá te quiere mucho'.

Interview in the cinema blog CINET-FÄRO by Yolanda Aguas

Interview about the Spanish Premiere of 'The Heat Wave' in the Film Festival of Zaragoza, were the short film got a Special Mention of the Jury.

59 Directoras de Cortometrajes - Perfiles de Cineastas Españolas

December 2015

59 Shortfilm Directors - Profiles of Spanish Filmmakers.

Book about Spanish Short Film Directors where Lucía Valverde is one of the 59 profiles - Page 731.

Review about Directed by Women Spain

Review from 'El Palomitrón' about our celebration in Madrid of Directed by Women Spain, part of the global celebration Directed by Women.

Cinéwomen Cahiers 2015

"We have been really impressed with your film, and we appreciate the way you explore the issue of violence against women capturing unconscious emotional reactions, as well as your refined cinematography and sapient use of close-ups reminding us of Krzysztof Kieślowski's early work, so we'll be pleased to submit you a personal interview about your cinema, which will be published in the next issue of our net review."

"The Heat Wave" in L'essentiel

August 13, 2014

"Un court-métrage réalisé par l'Espagnole Lucia Valverde, qui a grandi au Grand-Duché, et dont l'acteur principal n'est autre que Luc Spada."


"En plus d'utiliser des décors du Grand-Duché comme le Findel, le film parle du melting-pot à la luxembourgeoise, et ce, avec un ton plutôt humoristique."


"On y entend aussi toutes les langues. «Le couple parle anglais, le héros va rencontrer de vieilles dames qui s'expriment en Luxembourgeois, il va aussi tomber sur ses voisins Italiens, d'autres Portugais et parler avec des enfants en français»"

"Papá te quiere mucho"- Critic by Yolanda Aguas in CINET-FÄRO

March 14, 2013

"The director and screenwriter of this magnificent and breathtaking short film decided to shoot it in a sequence shot because she needed to tell the story as "an event that we are witnessing in  real time, where the camera travels through the space revealing the reality and deepest emotions of our main character, without cuts."


"Beware of this young director, actress, screenwriter and producer because she can bring a lot to Spanish Cinema."

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